Navigating Challenges to Sexual Wellness:

Finding Your New Normal and Discovering New Pathways to Pleasure

Dealing with cancer is an incredibly challenging journey, affecting not only physical health but also emotional and relational well-being. One aspect that often takes a toll on individuals undergoing cancer treatment is the impact on their intimate lives. As a sex therapist and sex neuroscience researcher, Dr. Nan Wise understands the unique challenges that cancer survivors face in maintaining a healthy and satisfying sexual life. In this presentation, we explore ways to navigate sexual challenges during and after cancer treatment. Dr. Wise presents neuroscience-based tools to help ramp up access to your pleasure pathways to empower healing and wellness.

New Year, New You:

The Importance of Physical Activity During & After Treatment

Beginning with a brief review of fitness benefits and contraindications before, during, and after treatment, we then discuss general exercise recommendations to get you feeling your best. This topic will be a crash course on holistic body care including the importance of good nutrition, hydration, sleep, and the benefits of stretching and meditation. We review physical activity as “medicine,” and end with a group-led stretch.

Management of Cancer-Related Fatigue:

Exercise, Energy Conservation and Injury Prevention

Did you know between 80% and 100% of cancer patients experience fatigue at some point during or after treatment? In this presentation, we discuss managing this cancer-related fatigue and explore ways to use exercise and energy conservation while preventing injury.